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Shortly after its founding in 2000, Falcon Global Logistics became known as the top Delivery and Distribution company in the Los Angeles region. With time, we expanded our offerings and built a technologically advanced distribution facility to successfully manage increasing demand.

When you choose to work with us, you can count on our fast response to all of your last-minute changes and new demands that might arise. You can also be sure that your products will be delivered on time and your customers will be fully satisfied with our timely and quality deliveries. We would love to work with you and give you a feel for what makes Falcon Global Logistics one of a kind.

Warehouse Worker in Yellow Vest
Warehouse Team in Meeting
Truck and Warehouse
A Crane Lifting a Container
Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves
Operating Warehouse Equipment
Warehouse Workers in Hardhats
Sorting and Cataloging Inventory
Warehouse Shelves
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